AADA in Action

Agency for Assistance and Development of Afghanistan (AADA) is a non-political, non-profit, and independent Afghan organization founded in 2005. It was established with the main and foremost aim of promotion of quality health and social services, equality, accessibility, profession capacity building and community development of the underserved communities to developmental and humanitarian services. Since its inception, AADA has been implementing program and projects in various areas such as Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) that is based on Primary Health Care programs. AADA has also been extensively involved in implementing projects aimed at community development, and capacity building of both health workers and community levels.

AADA has also successfully conducted researches and consultancies in public health and other development areas. Through the direction and guidance from Dr Roohullah Shabon, AADA’s President / Chair of Board of Directors, we are in the process of development of consultation and collaboration with international institution to keep AADA’s health, education and service delivery to international standards. Beyond that, AADA is committed to substantially involving communities in assessment of needs, choice of target, and development/evaluation of programs.

AADA is working in 20 provinces of Afghanistan. Having waste experience in Afghanistan, AADA would like to expand its operations to others parts of the world as an international entity as envisaged in its strategic plan for year 2011 -2014. The strategic direction of the organization is formulated and monitored by the Board of Trustees and President which is comprised of humanitarian and development experts in different parts of the world contributing to the expansion of AADA voluntarily.

The first strategic plan of the organization was formulated for 5 years through which most focus was given to institutional development and expansion of the entity throughout Afghanistan. The current strategic plan for year 2011-2014 pursues the ambitions of organization making it a global development partner through exchange of experiences, fundraising for low-income countries, and establishing connections with international entities.

The organization governed by the Board of Directors and organization operation is led by Director General and Management team of AADA.

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